Difficulty Rating :Stars2 Fun Rating :   Stars3

After a long flat pool that skirts the main road, Taylor’s Weir is easily recognizable by the farm buildings (and numerous cows) on the left hand bank, and a concrete pumphouse. At a medium level and above it is shot straight and slowly, one metre from the left hand hand side – at a full level the water actually runs over this wall so get an idea from this video about where to shoot it! The exit nowadays has changed and there is a clean channel slightly right that offers a clean line out.
At a low level the left line is too rocky and steep and hurts the noses of boats! head for the central pillar and shoot it just to the left of the pillar, aiming 45 degrees right. Shoot it slowly, leaning against the wall. This should drop you into a workable line out of the rapid below, with minimum damage to the nose of your boat!