The most fun you can have canoeing! 28, 29 January 2023

The Cows

TheCowsLogoThe race actively supports The Cows and the incredible work they do combining their passion for sport and their fundraising and awareness drives for the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation.

The Cows started a formal paddling “herd” in 2017 at the Fish, after a handful of The Cows had taken part in the 2017 Dusi and a previous edition of the Berg. Now it is time for Paddling Herd of The Cows to take on KZN and the universe!! Are we moo-ving you?

So how does it work?
To become a member of the Paddling Herd you need to commit to raising a minimum of R5000 in a canoeing season – July to June the next year. You can do this however you like –  a one off donation or sponsorships at each race you do (paddling, road cycling, mountain biking, swimming the Midmar Mile etc etc). For that commitment  at the N3TC Drak Challenge you get:
– a set of The Cows paddling kit – FishStart2guaranteed to make you look like a pumped up Matt Bouman – sorry girls its just the way it is…
– a place in The Cows batch – somewhere in the middle of the pack but loaded with humour, sparking banter and helpful humans in bovine rashies and lycra shorts;
– a spot in The Cows Paddock right at the front of the FNB concert at the Underberg Country Club on Saturday afternoon;
– A seat at The Cows pre-race Graze at The Grind in Underberg on Friday night where you get a free burger or pizza and a beer or glass of house wine.

Where to from here?
If you are a member of The Cows Paddling herd already, then make contact with Daisy our Cow Herder at and let her know that you will be running with the herd in Underberg.
If you are new to The Cows Paddling Herd! WELCOME! Drop daisy an email at to make arrangements and to pass on your kit size so she can arrange for your rashvest and paddling shorts, which you will be able to collect at registration.

Still in the dark?
Find out more about The Cows here