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YearRiver Entries (boats)Finshers (boats)Mens winner Womens Winer 
1994FULLLC469169 (120)Beetle Bailey/Frank Soll3:05:36Debbie Whitton3:59:16
1995LOWLC368290 (241)Mike Ellis3:13:47Antje Manfroni3:51:30
1996MED LOWLC398268 (159)Robbie Herreveld/Mark Perrow3:55:10Nannette Rennie/Lorna Oliver4:44:05
1997MED LOWSC349287 (215)Graham Bird3:02:01Rory Bohm3:35:38
1998M FULLLC415348 (204)Graham Bird/Mark Perrow3:32:53Debbie Geldard/Jeanette Walder4:02:12
1999MED LOWSC579498 (357)Ant Stott2:59:08Lorna Oliver3:41:28
2000FULLLC SC636483 (292)Graham Bird/Mark Perrow3:22:21Jeanette Walder/Antje Malherbe3:53:38
2001MEDLC SC664519 (380)Ant Stott4:14:40Rory Bohm5:03:45
2002MEDLC562394 (243)Ant Stott/Deon Bruss4:17:07Kirsten Oliver/Lorna Oliver5:08:55
2003M FULLLC443 (306)343 (281)Ant Stott3:38:19Alice Rawlinson4:19:00
2004M FULLLC604 (454)478 (367)Len Jenkins3:40:06Alexa Lombard4:09:33
2005M FULLLC658 (493)556 (421)Ant Stott0:03:40Alexa Lombard4:19:45
2006FULLLC838 (646)730 (538)Len Jenkins0:03:35Carol Joyce4:13:57
2007LOWSC874 (685)761 (628)Max Hoff (Germany)0:03:06Abbey Miedema3:29:56
2008MEDLC759 (582)643 (493)Len Jenkins0:03:58Abbey Miedema0:04:45
2009MEDLC808 (642)665 (550)Ant Stott3:50:19Michele Eray4:20:57
2010M FULLLC711 (603)596 (483)Hank McGregor0:03:50Abby Adie0:04:21
2011M FULLLC932 (665)748 (569)Hank McGregor0:03:45Abby Adie0:04:09
2012M FULLLC767 (621)Hank McGregor0:03:56Robyn Kime0:04:19
2013FULLLC820 (643)317 (202)Grant van der Walt0:03:16Abby Adie0:03:32
2014M LOWSC657 (537)Andy Birkett2:53:45Abby Adie3:15:18
2015M LOWLC574 (472)Andy Birkett4:04:17Abby Adie4:35:47
2016M LOWLC439 (369)Andy Birkett3:58.21Abby Solms4:15:59
2017MEDIUMLC531 (429)Andy Birkett3:53:53Abby Solms4:09:39
2018LOWSC528 (423)487 (401)Andy Birkett2:44:24Jenna Ward3:09:10
2019LOWSC463 (388)423 (372)Andy Birkett2:45:43Abby Solms3:11:41
2020M LOWLC465 (389)396 (346)Andy Birkett4:24:46Jenna Ward5:10:06

Race Records – Note this excludes years when the short course was used.

Day One Records   
Senior MenGrant van der Walt1:15:22:052013
Senior WomenAbby Adie1:23:06:612013
Junior BoysClint Pretorius1:30:16:432003
Junior GirlsKelly Howe1:46:26:592006

Day Two Records   
Senior MenGrant van der Walt2:00:26:242013
Senior WomenAbby Adie2:09:00:572013
Junior BoysGrant van der Walt2:18:45:182006
Junior GirlsKelly Howe2:37:21:702006

Overall Race Records   
Senior MenGrant van der Walt3:15:48:392014
Senior WomenAbby Adie3:32:07:182013
Junior BoysClint Pretorius3:49:52:542003
Junior GirlsKelly Howe4:23:46:292006

Notes: In 2000 and 2001, the race was run over two courses, the Championship “Canyon Course” and the shorter “Hatcheries Course”. In 1997, 1999, 2007, 2014, 2018 and 2019 the race was run entirely from the Hatcheries start as a result of low water. Juniors did not race the full race in 2013.
From 2003 the race has been run as a K1 championship race.
The race was cancelled in 2021 under the Covid-19 lockdown regulations.