Difficulty Rating : Stars4 Fun Rating :  Stars4

Mkhulu, or “The Big One” in iSiZulu, is at the start of the Lower Gorge, and is a massive rocky pile of rubble that dams up the river in a big lateral bank, right to left. At a low level it requires spotting the right rock to turn around, and then patient steering and draw strokes to get into the right slot, and often sliding over rocks to get back into the main current. If you get into the right slot you will actually exit having done more than 90 degrees of turn, and be pointing slightly upstream. At a full level much of the subtlety is removed and numerous straighter lines open up.
There is a line through the lower (left) hand side of the rapid, but this is often obstructed by tree branches and debris and not recommended.
There is a bumpy sneak down the extreme right.