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N3TC Drak Challenge by numbers


0 – the number of compulsory portages on the race
1 – the number of international winners of the race – Max Hoff (Germany) in 2007
3 – the number of weirs on the race
3 – the number of athletes to have done the Drak Hat Trick (won three consecutive titles) – Abby Solms, Hank McGregor and Andy Birkett
4 – the number of times the race has been started at the Trout Hatcheries due to low water – 1997, 1999, 2007, 2018
4 – the number of paddlers aiming to finish their 20th Drak (Lawrence Blackbeard, Kevin Middleton, Nigel Stevens, Gary Waud)
5 – the number of consecutive wins by defending champion Andy Birkett
6 – the most number of men’s titles won – Ant Stott
7 – the most number of victories – Abby Solms
10,23 – the distance to Black Murray rapid, marking the end of the Valley of a Thousand Rapids
24 – the record for the most Drak finishes – Owen Hemmingway
26 – the age of the Drak Challenge this year
36 – the percentage of paddlers that finished the flooded inaugural race in 1994
42 – the number of paddlers to have finished 15 or more Drak Challenges
52 – the number of paddlers with nine finishes, poised to become Drak Trouts
63,492 – the total distance in kilometres of the whole race
165 – the number of Drak Trouts (paddlers with ten or more finishes)
1800 – the number of bottles of locally sourced spring water for the paddlers
2000 – the number of hamburger patties brought by the caterers
22261 – the number of paddlers that have done only one Drak Challenge
4746 – the total number of paddlers to have completed a Drak Challenge
9600 – cans of Hansa brought in the for the festivities
40 000 – the number of cubic metres of water ready to be released from Castleburn Dam